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The Mesh family expands with important functional features that offer users total freedom of lighting control.Thanks to a wireless kit available for the Mesh suspensions large (Ø 100) and medium (Ø 80), users can interact with the lamp by means of a smart device. Luceplan has developed a special app (for IOS and Android) that makes it possible to control single or multiple units, individually or as a group. The app permits use of one or more light points at a time, orienting light in space to create different moods and experiences.The app can be programmed with 6 presets for rapid activation. It is also possible to set up a dynamic scenario with a simple touch of the screen. Using a local Internet connection, on-off functions can be programmed in remote access mode.

Design Francisco Gomez Paz, 2018

Available models

Available models


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"I set out to create a lamp by starting with this capacity for spatial separa- tion of LEDs, scattering them to optimize the spread of light, but above all with the aim of giving each of these points of light its own independence. I wanted to make a lamp that lets you control the position and the quantity of light, a flexible object to adapt to space and the needs of the user”

Francisco Gomez Paz